Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Urban Myth - Final Cut.

So here are the fina pieces, the wood was a lovely grain to paint against, and I intended to let it project through using translucent highlights and fleshy tones.
The wood was treat by sanding down in between a few layers of quite diluted clear gesso. The oils took nicely to this smoothed down surface, apart from the 2nd illustration, which for some reason the wood was more porous- even though it had been through the exact same treatment, the oil wouldn't spread as smoothly and I struggled to even it out.

These beautiful shots are courtesy of Neil Arcus, professional photographer and family friend who did these last minute, all within a day of asking him!! - Thanks Neil!!

Relative to the blind consumption of new drugs with unknown effects and little research.

Toxic Relationship
Relative to the toxic mixing of substances which are often the leading cause of fatalities.

Fatal Attraction
Relative to the deterioration of mind and body due to unforeseen addiction from seemingly harmless drugs.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Urban Myth. Post 1 - The Process

Wishing to approach a recent social issue for my final degree project; I chose to raise awareness surrounding common ill-informed abuse of 'legal high' drug types, that has risen in the UK's youth culture over the past few years.
Entitled 'Urban Myth' the images are conceptual of the common misconceptions surrounding these drug types; because their chemical make up is derived to avoid the law, their effects are unpredictable and sometimes detrimental to body and mentality, some results of misuse end in unprecedented fatality. However, because they are not classified, young Britons perceive them to be quite harmless, as in actual fact most of them are closely related to amphetamines.

I chose to approach the illustrative interpretation in a hybrid approach between the digital and handmade in keeping with emerging techniques, utilising meticulous, clean, yet cold vector line work and then bringing it closer to and audience through the warmth and life of wood and hand painted oils..

Here are the vectors, that took days and countless hours to perfect, the hair especially almost caused me partial blindness!! However, I strived for perfection and finally got them ready for etching. 

I acquired my A2 wood panels  from the acclaimed wood furnishings company RASKL of Byker, Newcastle; who have been widely immersed in the creative community, creating such cool things as a to scale Get Carter car park in the form of a coffee table, and the 'superfauna' flatpack stag heads! I sourced an etcher I had met through working with Reluctant Hero, who helped me out with a very reasonable price.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

trendy queen.

©Wildfox Couture^^

Just recalled this little illustration I had drawn for Peter from Reluctant Hero before I had broken my wrist. An old idea for an Electrik Sheep tee.. inspired by the layout and style of this sweet wildfox tee, aiming to make the queen a little more commercial for a younger audience! Mays well post it in now, in light of the diamond jubilee..

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

hello strangers.

Well it's been a year! A lot has happened, still haven't even finished the degree due to smashing my wrist up pretty bad!

..guess longboarding isn't a smart choice for an illustrator.

Few days after final show, as fate would have it, I got back to interning with Reluctant Hero! Working all through my academic year, up until the accident, with the talented boys has been an invaluable experience. I had an exciting time, learning so much more about commercial art, working with new companies and clients, and the creative processes of t-shirt design. We had the privilege of working with Barbour and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as developing the studio's own brand Electrik Sheep, which saw to break into Topshop and Topman last summer! Here are a few of my favourite projects from this past year..

Given a lot of independence with this brief I was able to work hand in hand with Elizabeth, from the sophisticated and sexy new brand 'The Little Shop of Erotic Delights'

© Graniph Japan ^^^

© Hilfiger Denim ^^^

©Electrik Sheep^^^

Few of my favourite tee designs / illustrations!

So what am I up to now? Just trying to get my studies out of the way!! So I can please, work on some more exciting projects.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

finally got there.

After nearly killing myself with caffeine o.d, stress and no sleep; I was able to clear my back log of degree work alongside preparing for final show. I am pretty satisfied that I got to do my skate deck as a bonus, and my apparel label had some sweet tee prints and swing tags! 
Check out my brand new site too!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Scattered Peaks. California Soul, Californian Seoul.

For my personal, self initiated project work, I decided to create an innovating new apparel brand, as it could combine my passion for illustration with my flair for recognition of fashion and apparel branding trends.
With no idea to as what area of apparel I would approach, I went into extensive research and idea generation that lasted weeks! My personal inclinations and existing apparel motifs led me to create a lifestyle brand that drew upon popular motifs, and juxtaposed them together, for a fresh and quirky brand concept that would drive my label forwards!

The idea behind it was to take the attractive, subtly retro, laid back cool of the Californian surf scene, seen in a lot of apparel branding, and then bring in the contemporary edge of the urban far east theme; for a quirky new surf brand that would set itself aside from the same-same branding of competitors.

I went through stupid amounts of name generation and reasonings behind it, but landed on 'Scattered Peaks' because as well as being a surf specific term descriptive wave form, it is also quite cryptic as it could connote the vast differences in cultural influence, or even some fictional idyllic location.

Here are some initial tee designs... I plan to fully realise and produce some tees for final show alongside swing tags and concept illustration on a skate deck!

I went for some classic varsity tees, with phrases which would convey the attractive brand values, and appeal to audiences through the personal attributes they subtly connote.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Dead Sea Mob drop anchor in the Bay.

I was excited to hear that illustration collective The Dead Sea Mob, would be exhibiting at The Pure Gallery, Whitley Bay, just a stones throw away from my hometown Tynemouth. I had first heard of the collective at Pictoplasma festival at the beginning of last month, and had also seen the individual artist's works within numerous blogs. The collective is the brotherhood of Godmachine, Drew Millward, Tom J Newell and TwistedLoaf (Tom Harvey).
Their work distinctively consists of quite dark and obscure illustration, and has recently seen a nautical theme in keeping with the theme of the collective.

Awe inspiring wall illustrations had been worked on by the individual artists, created with markers and paint in striking detail and beautifully laid out in just blue and black ink. I particularly admired Godmachine's maze of tentacles featured on the back wall, beautifully and meticulously mastered. 

Things on a larger scale just seem to have much more impact, and create a little more hype. It would be something I would love to explore in the future- challenging myself organise and produce a large scale illustration to gain some kind of recognition.

Various limited edition prints were on sale, I adored the wolf piece, if only I'd of had more coin..
But yes it just proves how well things can gel, when talented artists can collaborate styles and ideas to create an impressive collective that can gain recognition for their own themes and projects.